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Another informative article abut the craft of film making by Shane Hurlbut, lighting in particular. He goes through the basics of how to read a Colour Temperature meter and using that information to balance the lights in your scene – making practical lights and even street-lights more usable for your final image.

Several weeks ago, I went into how to read your light meter and why it is so important.  I know that many of you have said the light meter is dead. Well, you are not on your way to serving yourself well as a cinematographer by thinking this way. You have to have the brick and mortar of light before putting together your creative house.

“Snapshots of Your Color Palette”

This week I will go into how to read a color temp meter and describe why it is important. I have always loved understanding the color of different lights — street lights, fluorescents in a store, neon, moonlight, etc. I’ve talked about taking that snapshot in your mind with light, and I also do the same with color temps and how they mix.

He talks about how to take the colour temperature of the sun and reflected daylight so you can match a previously shot daylight scene once the sun goes down and, very importantly, how to measure the colour cast of practical lights and LEDs to eliminate any magenta or green issues.

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