ON THE COUCH – Zacuto, Rodney Charters, ASC & Bruce Logan, ASC

A really interesting discussion at Cinema 5d from Rodney Charters, ASC, “24” & Bruce Logan, ASC, the original Star Wars films, original TRON,  and Batman Forever, at NAB2014.

Some interesting thoughts on the challenges of lighting for 4k, especially with regard to female actresses and how 4k is taking away some of the DoP’s control as ‘re-framing’ becomes more common.

Another topic was how the lack of a budget for colour correction means DoPs are trying to apply looks with filters etc. while they are shooting.

via NAB 2014 – ON THE COUCH – ep 6 – Zacuto, Rodney Charters, ASC & Bruce Logan, ASC « cinema5D.

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